CATS TO THE CAPE 2017, Saturday July 22.

CATS TO THE CAPE 2017Cats to the Cape colored v2 final 

Please join us for “Cats to the Cape 2017”.

Its a fun sail for all catamarans and multi-hulls.

Event day:                      July 22 2017 JOIN THE FUN!

location:                         South 11th Street small boat launch and storage,

                                       Morehead City NC.

Setup:                             Boat setup Friday and Saturday am on your own time.

Skippers meeting:        9:00-9:30 am.

Sail:                                  leave at 10:00 am, Back around 3:30 to 4:30 pm based on winds.

Description:                   Just a fun sail for multi-hulls from Morehead City’s downtown Launch area out to Cape Lookout. There will be a couple of chase boat should anyone needs assistance, the chase boats will also cary food for lunch. Come join us for a fun day on the water. Captains Meeting is at 9am and we sail at 10 am. Come early to set up your boat, it could get crowded.

Entry fee:                       $10 per boat, This years format is going to be bring your own lunch. this is to simplify the chase boat logistics and spend more time on the water.

For more info contact:     Sam Scudder (252) 269-0747 or

                                            Gunnar Stumpe (252) 646-6231

                                               See us on Facebook, Click Here!


We still managed some sailing in the morning and early afternoon of June 27 (the original date), good wind until the big blow. Almost all of us made it in before the squall hit. The last Cat has a good story to tell going trough the inlet in a squall 30+ mph, but they came back safe as well. Safety will always be our first priority.

A few Pictures from the 2015 event day. (click on picture for higher resolution)


IMG_9669IMG_9689 IMG_9679 IMG_2335 IMG_0055 IMG_0046 IMG_2336


It turned out to be a perfect day, NE wind 10-15 on the way out and approaching 20 for the return and flat seas to top it all.


IMG_2804 IMG_2783 IMG_2782 IMG_2596 IMG_2595 IMG_2594 IMG_2593 IMG_2592 IMG_2591 IMG_2590 IMG_2589 IMG_2588 IMG_2587 IMG_2586 IMG_2584 IMG_2583 IMG_2582 IMG_2581 IMG_2579 IMG_2578 IMG_2577 IMG_0513

wind chart

wind chart


the only mishap of the day that couldn't be fixed. Only 1 hr from the cape to the turning basin no wake zone under sail tow, thanks to NE winds 15-18 mph

the only mishap of the day that couldn’t be fixed. Only 1 hr from the cape to the turning basin no wake zone under sail tow, thanks to NE winds 15-18 mph