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For years, a small group of sailing enthusiasts were getting together in Morehead City, at the 11th Street Small boat launch and storage facility, to teach and share the love and sailing, free of charge, to anyone that wanted to join us, visitors, locals and students alike.

The site was a unique setup that enabled many people to enjoy the local area. While many were this area, it has also been the “go to” place for visitors. The unique characteristic of the site was perfectly suited for small boat sailing and kayaking and kept us away from the power boat ramps that we would be blocking.

However, in January 2014, the Morehead City Town Council and the Mayor decided to ban the overnight storage that was essential for the enjoyment of the site. They did this despite over 6 month of “good faith” negotiations on our part and with a proposal on the table to keep it open. This proposal was never voted on and the Council unannounced simply introduced a motion to ban the most important aspect of the site, the overnight storage. (Please go to the “Town of Morehead City and the Ban, historic and petition.” page for more details and link to the petition. Thank you)

We found ourselves in a peculiar situation as it now became much more difficult and time consuming to enjoy this wonderful and eco-friendly activity. We decided it was time for us to organize formally and we are now in the very early stages of creating a new non-profit organization. Our goal is to give people who share the love of our activities as well as Carteret County and all it has to offer a “go to” point.

As we grow many different aspect of this hobby will be added. We are looking at acquiring some sail boats for people to have access to, informal sail lesson, sail trips to the different attractions around, and hopefully, some day, have an official and recognized place to operate from.

Welcome to “Sail Carteret”.

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